Bahrain set to introduce anti-cancer vaccine

Bahrain's Ministry of Health is all set to introduce the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine (HPV Vaccine), a vaccine administered to children aged 12 to 13 years.

Sep 13, 2023 - 16:28
Bahrain set to introduce anti-cancer vaccine
Bahrain set to introduce anti-cancer vaccine

According to the report of the International News Agency, Dr. Elal Alvi, who is the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs, conducted a training workshop on the introduction of the papilloma virus vaccine and the prevention of related cancer diseases. What did

Dr. Elal Alvi said in this regard that this workshop on the topic of "Prevention of Cancer Associated with Human Papilloma Virus" is committed to the implementation of health strategies through the promotion of disease prevention and the introduction of new and safe vaccines. Reflects

Dr. Elal Alavi highlighted Bahrain's efforts in combating communicable diseases and controlling epidemics by introducing vaccines into the National Immunization Program.

He emphasized the Kingdom's commitment to strengthening national capacity through action plans, implementation of health strategies and the development and follow-up of local programs, and integration between all levels of health care.

It should be noted that the first smallpox vaccine was introduced in Bahrain in 1940. Other vaccines were then introduced to prevent diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination of target groups.

The World Health Organization has also praised it while dealing with the corona virus through the use of various vaccines. This is a record achievement of Bahrain which represents a role model.

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