Kuwait: Big increase in fees for foreigners

Kuwait: The authorities have increased the annual health insurance fees for foreigners.

Sep 12, 2023 - 16:49
Kuwait: Big increase in fees for foreigners
Kuwait: Big increase in fees for foreigners

According to international media, over the past 10 years, the Ministry of Health has repeatedly increased fees for immigrants and expanded the list of drugs that are not covered, all in an effort to maintain financial stability.

Daman Health Insurance Hospital Company is concerned about the adequacy of this premium given its unchanged status over the last ten years. The company is considering a reasonable increase in the annual premium to ensure the economic sustainability of the plan.

The company has committed to maintaining the price of the health insurance policy at 130 dinars for two years before gradually increasing it to 150 dinars. After that, the premium will increase every two years, reaching 190 dinars by the tenth year.

According to a report, the company reserves the right to increase fees for center health assessments if inflation exceeds 6 percent, bypassing the need for government approval.

By the end of the tenth year, the primary health center review fee will increase from 2.5 dinars to 3.5 dinars. The emergency fee will also increase, from 4 dinars to 5 dinars in the tenth year.

The company's "Damaan" system is fully alert for hospital admission, emergency, out-patient examination as well as primary and secondary health care, which may be possible when the Ministry of Health grants medical practice licenses to doctors. will do

Immigrants are required to bear all of their own medical expenses, tests, x-rays, examinations, outpatient clinic visits, surgical procedures, medications, hospitalizations and stays.

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