Drink magical coffee and lose weight in just 10 days

No one likes obesity, those who are slim want to stay that way and those who are fat want to be slim, so today we are going to tell you the recipe that will fly away obesity in just 10 days.

Sep 8, 2023 - 16:45
Drink magical coffee and lose weight in just 10 days
Drink magical coffee and lose weight in just 10 days

A balanced weight is a sign of good health and obesity is a disease that if it increases to the limit, it can cause many serious health problems, while sometimes obesity turns physical beauty into a disgrace, so there is no discrimination between men and women. Don't want to be fat either. If someone is fat, he does a lot of jatan to get slim.

Today we will tell you about a very simple but magical effect of coffee which can be used to lose weight and gain smartness in just 10 days.

According to Maryam Pervez, a leading influencer and beauty expert in the world of YouTube, this coffee is her test which gives 100% results and there are no side effects of coffee.

So far, hundreds of social media users have used this coffee and have given their positive feedback on it.

Ingredients for making coffee:
Fennel, white cumin, celery. 2, 2 tbsp

Ginger Slice one to one and a half inch pieces, thinly, and place under the fan

lemon ................................... Peel two large lemons, cut them finely and dry them.

Now seal all the ingredients in an airtight jar.

How to make and use coffee:
Add only half a teaspoon of coffee grounds to 1/2 to 1/2 cup of water and boil for 2 minutes (do not cook longer than that).

Drink only half a cup of coffee at a time and do not exceed it.

Take coffee in the morning half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before dinner and try to have dinner by 8 pm. Avoid eating anything after drinking coffee.

While using this coffee, keep yourself active and busy during the day or do light exercise or walk for 20 minutes.

Avoid overeating while consuming coffee and eat on an empty stomach while avoiding fried foods, bakery products and sweets.

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