Germany to supply battle tanks to Ukraine

Berlin: Germany has announced to supply 40 more infantry fighting tanks (IFV) to Ukraine.

Sep 12, 2023 - 11:59
Germany to supply battle tanks to Ukraine
Germany to supply battle tanks to Ukraine

The German government has ordered defense equipment manufacturer Rheinmetall to supply 40 more Marauder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, with an order worth several million euros due in August 2023.

Rheinmetall said in a statement that it is continuing to repair these older tanks and ensure that the latest batch of Marder IFVs is delivered as per the contract starting in 2023. can be done

The delivery of these additional 40 vehicles this year will bring the total number of mortar vehicles supplied to Ukraine to 80.

On March 21, 2023, the company had already delivered the first twenty infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine on the orders of the German government. In addition, Rheinmetall was awarded an order to manufacture twenty more IFV tanks in June 2023. The statement said that they are currently being repaired and will then be sent to Ukraine.

The vehicles being provided are equipped with Marder 1A3 systems, the statement added. It was previously owned by the Bundeswehr Company. As early as spring 2022, Rheinmetall began to restore the infantry fighting vehicles to immediate combat readiness at its own expense.

According to Rheinmetall, the Marauder vehicles have excellent tactical mobility and impressive firepower, and are capable of moving troops quickly and safely across high-risk areas. There is a weapon system.

Its operationally proven design includes a power pack in the forward section and a centrally located turret. Its fighting compartment is at the rear, with rapid entry and exit and an open-dimension ramp. Its maintenance is straightforward and simple. It is specially designed for ease of use and maximum reliability.

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